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The recycling revolution continues at WVS!

It has been another great few weeks here at  Winfrith Village Stores with the launch of our refilling stations for toiletries and household cleaning products. We have had a fantastic response from our customers and some lovely feedback yet again about the new refilling stations. It really does seem that there is a big demand out there for products that can be used without the continual purchase of single-use plastic.

We have been busily researching new single use plastic free products to add to our offering and we are more than happy to listen to any ideas of new items for the shop that you may have.

Shop Window

Over the past few months we have had some lovely window displays created by groups who have wanted to advertise their local events. We have a number of displays booked over the coming months but if you have an event coming up that you would like to advertise through a window display then please just have a chat with us next time you are in the store.

Shop Winter hours

The shop will now revert to winter hours for the next few months. The new hours can be seen in the table below. 

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